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Volocopter and DB Schenker perform joint logistics demonstration during the ITS World Congress 2021 in Hamburg • Electric VoloDrone conducts its first public test flight • Take-off for next generation logistics and eVTOL solutions


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“The basic strategy of “do more with less” has gained an entirely new level of urgency in these proverbially interesting times. Businesses face the challenge of having to do more – increasingly variable demand surges, customer expectations and sales channels – with ever scarcer resources – not enough people, space, data, and scalable tools.



Logistics is almost as old as mankind. Making the suitable material available at the right time, location, quality, and quantity, with an acceptable amount of effort. This was something our very early predecessors already thought about with regards to their firewood, prey, or stones. It went through several sustaining and disruptive innovation cycles in the past; the invention of the wheel, seafaring, steam engines, and locomotives, trucks, containers, barcodes, and just-in-time concepts. I am sure this list will be continued in the upcoming years, driven by technology, digitization and, business models with new value propositions at its core.


Just a few weeks ago, DB Schenker presented the new Schenker Ventures unit. The logistics group’s corporate venture activities and startup support are to be bundled there. In today’s episode, you’ll find out exactly what’s behind this plan.



Schenker goes VC. Noch so ein VC im Logistik Kontext oder etwas anderes?

Patric Hoffmann ist verantwortlich für neue Geschäftsmodelle bei Schenker und erklärt in dieser Podcast Folge wie, der bereits riesige Konzern, es doch ein wenig anders als die Anderen macht.

Mit ihrem eigenen drei Säulen System will sich Schenker deutlich von der Konkurrenz unterscheiden und attraktiver für neue Startups in der Logistikbranche werden.

  • Venture Building
  • Venture Studio
  • Klassische Venture Captial Investments

Der klare Fokus soll aber auf die unternehmerische Freiheit der Startups gerichtet bleiben. Schenker will nicht aktiv in die strategische Entwicklung eingreifen, sondern will steht mit seinem kompletten Know How und finanziellen Möglichkeiten zur Hilfe um attraktive und neue Ideen auf den Markt zu bringen.


Patric our Head of Schenker Ventures

Many logistics service providers partner up with startups to stay innovative. DB Schenker now invests in a completely new approach to this. The logistics service provider recently launched a venture capital and startup studio, “Schenker Ventures”, with an ambitious goal: to be the number one driver for innovations within the logistics and supply chain industry and top address for entrepreneurs, innovators, founders, and partners.


In this video, Jochen Thewes (CEO of DB Schenker) and Patric Hoffmann (Head of Schenker Ventures) explain their vision for Schenker Ventures.


Launch Schenker Ventures

Today, DB Schenker launched Schenker Ventures, a new unit to drive innovation in logistics through support for and collaboration with entrepreneurs and founders. Schenker Ventures will bundle and advance DB Schenker’s existing corporate venture activities and investments. It will support founders and start-ups with capital, industry expertise and assets. In addition, Schenker Ventures will partner with venture builder MVP Factory to realize a venture studio.