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The Schenker Ventures team comprises veteran entrepreneurs and logistics experts to help you succeed. Through our experts and partnership with MVP Factory, you have access to functional support across design, engineering, and marketing. Together, we make sure that your venture succeeds.

Patric Hoffmann

Head of Schenker Ventures

Philipp Petrescu

Founder/CEO MVP Factory

Tobias Ledermann

Head of Venture Building

Paulina Banszerus

Head of Venture Capital

Marie Schildt

Investment Associate

Helen Han

Investment Manager

Mehmet Cabadak

Investment Manager

Niklas Lechner

Venture Partner

Meet our venture board.

To ensure c-level support, maximum entrepreneurial freedom and fast decision-making processes, Jochen Thewes (CEO DB Schenker), Christa Koenen (CIO DB Schenker) and Jakob Wegge-Larsen (CFO DB Schenker) are heading our steering committee and advisory board which includes Erik Wirsing (VP Global Innovation DB Schenker)

Jochen Thewes, CEO DB Schenker
Christa Koenen, CIO DB Schenker
Jakob Wegge-Larsen, CFO DB Schenker

Advisory Board

Erik Wirsing, VP Global Innovation DB Schenker