Your founding & funding

We turn the best ideas in logistics and supply chain management into great companies. Our Venture Studio ties up ideas, talents, capital, and resources to create an environment where exceptional companies can be built – fast. Build your vision with us and benefit from our experience, network, and market expertise.

Why our Venture Studio?

Regardless of whether you join us with an idea or not: Apply and we’ll kick-start an eight to twelve-week, cross-functional, and structured validation process centered on your idea. Or choose an idea together with us from our backlog. Step by step, we’ll test and iterate with experts and potential clients. Making sure you get the best support from us and our Venture Studio partner: MVP Factory.

We provide competitive pre-seed funding and functional support to build, launch, and scale your minimum viable product (MVP). So you can get on the fast track to implementation.

Since we’re part of renowned DB Schenker, you can count on our global resources, infrastructure, client base, and experts. This will decidedly increase your chances and extent of success while keeping you in full control all along the way.


What’s in for you?

  • Get €300k pre-seed funding (in return for 23% of the venture)
  • Receive validation support from our partner MVP Factory in an 8 to 12 weeks validation process
  • Stay in full control of your company
  • Obtain monthly living stipend
  • Benefit from continuous support by our Venture Studio

What are we looking for
in founders?

Diversity is a distinctive feature and often a director of disruption. We want to work with an assorted group of founders who are rooted in different educational and professional backgrounds. It’s not important if you have spent all your working life in management consultancy, a corporation, or a start-up. Rather, we want to meet you if you have at least one year of professional experience, are available full-time, and have a logistics or supply chain business idea. You should at least be open to exploring ideas in these sectors and exhibit: 

You’re a self-starter. Once you identify with an idea, you can easily motivate others to join your mission. You always set high goals for yourself and have proven to achieve them. Second-best is never an option for you.

In general, your knowledge is T-shaped with a strong spike in one function: business development/sales, design, engineering or profound logistics, or supply chain management, etc. This will be the foundation of your company’s competitive advantage.

Your source of energy never runs low. You’re always finding solutions. You’re willing and able to keep going even when the road gets long and bumpy. You don’t see obstacles but challenges.


Are you ready to found with us?

Let’s go and apply now. After reviewing your application, we run an in-depth selection process with motivational and aptitude tests, a case study, and multiple interviews.

Schenker Ventures Studio ties up ideas, capital, resources, and talent to create a high-performing package that partners with founders to build the best ideas within logistics and supply chain management and turn these into great companies.

No, we don’t charge for it. We consider the validation process our investment in you as our founder and in your future venture. We only ask for your full-time commitment and for leading the pre-seed round for your venture.

Until the venture is set up and incorporated, we give you an employment contract with Schenker Ventures Studio, covering your living expenses for two to three months.

Apply to become a founder (with or without an idea). After your successful application, the process will start one month later. We run through an eight to twelve-week, full-time, cross-functional, and structured validation process where we test and iterate the idea together with experts and potential clients.

If we mutually find an idea that we are all excited about, we will initially invest €300,000 to get started (in return for 23% equity in the venture) and continue to support you in launching your product and raising your seed round.

We will team up and follow our proven, structured validation process; testing different ideas and models until we all see a fit. This is a full-time, two to three-month activity, and you will benefit from DB Schenker’s worldclass logistics expertise as well as MVP Factory’s functional experts and entrepreneurs.

  • Functional expertise and muscle
    MVP Factory’s designers, engineers, and product managers are at your disposal.
  • Entrepreneurial guidance
    Your Venture Studio Partner supports you in making key strategic decisions and remain your sparring partner – day and night.
  • Industry access and know-how
  • If suitable, we activate the full DB Schenker network to get you that “unfair advantage” corporates always talk about.

Yes, we specialize in logistics and supply chain management.

After the pre-seed investments, our founders typically draw themselves a salary, generally not more than €50,000. Your own salary is part of the budget and subsequent funding.

Schenker Ventures provides office space if needed.

We’re happy to help – simply leave us a note.